: a congratulatory declaration of support, praise or approval, for an outstanding achievement in any area of life.

: to do something to an exceedingly excellent capacity.


"Reach - Teach - Hire" has been our guiding principle and it inspires us to strive harder to cater to thousands of job seekers, educate them about the IT-BPM industry, and help them land a rewarding job that best match their talent and skills.

  • We envision a nation where Filipinos can easily find work worth doing without having to travel far and wide to provide a better life for them and their loved ones.
  • We want to be the Philippines premier recruitment marketing solutions provider to our clients and the top source of IT-BPM and other careers to Filipino jobseekers.


Werk aims to bring Filipinos closer to brighter career opportunities in the various fields of Information Technology - Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector. We educate and encourage job seekers to explore jobs in Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, and Information Technology.

  • We want to cultivate a generation of highly-skilled, globally competitive, and tech-savvy job seekers spread across all major and developing cities across the Philippines.
  • We aim to continuously create new solutions that will help our clients source quality candidates and for our job seekers to discover and apply to the abundant IT-BPM and other career opportunities the easiest, most efficient way possible.


We are Werk and we celebrate your achievement in any endeavor.

To our jobseekers, we work harder to help you find better career opportunities and provide you relevant tools to excel in your field so you can have work worth doing and celebrating.

To our recruiters, we work harder to give you innovative ideas and solutions to source the right talent.