Werk & Hire.Me

by Pearson

A mobile recruitment solution for forward thinking HR professionals

What is Hire.Me?

Werk partners with Hire.Me by Pearson to help recruiters source faster and easier - anytime, anywhere!

Hire.Me is an integrated mobile solutions that gives you the ability to effectively reach, engage, and evaluate candidates in a mobile environment while providing real-time assessment, analytics, and reporting so you can make the best candidate selection.


Access a broader talent pool

Cast a wider reach by engaging the mobile generation.

Stay updated with real-time analytics

Gain helpful insights to further improve your recruitment process, filter, rank, and identify the best applicants for each job.

Objectively evaluate job related skills

Choose from a wide array of reliable assessments - multitasking, logical decisions, analogies, and more.

Robust talent branding through better career seeker experience

Start your mobile strategy and reach more tech-savvy candidates.

Turnaround time improvement

Focus on hiring the best candidate, not assessing applications.

Here's Hire.Me's 5 Step-Process to ensure you have a qualified candidate in half the time

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